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Charities & Social Enterprises

Charities & Social Enterprises

Environmental, social and economic issues are all interconnected, let’s work together to build a world that works for everyone. I help Charities & Social Enterprises become more green & sustainable, no matter what size or stage they are at.

Whatever your purpose, the environment affects all of us.
So whatever you do, let’s make sure we’re doing it in a way
that’s good for the planet.

Consider where your organisation is on the scale below

I will help you move up the scale and start your journey to becoming a green Charity or Social Enterprise, as well as giving you the knowledge & skills to carry on moving up.

With the right tools, frameworks & some useful tips you will be surprised by how much you can do.

I’ve made the Green Journey available to Charities & Non-Profits on a Pay As You Feel basis and offer discounts to Social Enterprises to make it accessible for those already doing positive work.

Book a call below to check your eligibility
and see how I can best help your organisation