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1000 Green Businesses

Green Business Toolkit

Everything you need to transform your business into a green, ethical & sustainable organisation

All the tools, templates & worksheets, plus practical examples, to give you the knowledge, skills & confidence
to make positive & meaningful changes in your organisation at your own pace

Using the toolkit you will:

1. Take Action – I’ll provide easy tips & actions you can take straight away

2. Understand – I’ll give you the knowledge around the different areas of sustainability to understand & identify the areas of greatest improvement for your business

3. Create a Strategy & Set Goals – Using ready made templates & worksheets, you’ll use your new knowledge to set goals & implement a sustainability policy

4. Gain the Necessary Skills – Learn the skills & tools to ensure you achieve your goals alongside all your other responsibilities & with a tight or even no budget

5. Go Green – learn how to build sustainability into your brand & join the growing wave of successful green businesses

Why go green?

Gain new loyal customers:

83% would always pick the brand that has a better record of sustainability

Increase your brand value:

70% of people are willing to pay more for products from an environmentally responsible organisation

Attract & Retain Talent

Nearly 70% of millennials said that if a company had a strong sustainability plan, it would affect their decision to stay with that company long term

Reduce your operating costs

Whether it’s reducing your energy consumption, resource use or waste production, you’ll save your business money

What’s included?

  • Action
    • Easy Win Checklist of Actions for you to take straight away
  • Understanding
    • Knowledge Base & Issue Overviews
      • Simple, understandable & practical information relevant for you and your business
      • Technology, Travel, Energy, Habits & Culture, Resources, Waste & Recycling and more
    • How to identify your ‘Area Of Greatest Impact’ Worksheet & Examples
    • Achievable short & long term goal Templates & Examples
  • Skills to Achieve the Goals
    • Goal Breakdown & Time Management Worksheets & Templates
      • Responsibilities, Deadlines & Rewards
    • Budgeting Tools & Templates
      • Cost Willingness, Cost-Benefit Analysis & creating a Sustainability Budget
  • Becoming a Green Business
    • Sustainability Strategy & Policies Templates & Examples
    • Effective Marketing without Greenwashing
      • Important mistakes to avoid
      • Involve your customer Examples & Workflows
      • Using your brand as a voice – who, what, how?
    • Green Certification & Accreditation Guide

Plus lots more!


Green Business Toolkit

Was £55, now: £25
Downloadable Pack of Resources & Tools
PDF Knowledge Packs & Examples
Editable Word/Docs Templates & Worksheets
Working Excel/Sheets Tools & Templates

Green Business Toolkit +
Consultation, Impact Report & 1,000 Green Businesses Badge

Everything in the Green Business Toolkit Plus…
Consultation & Review of your goals, assessments & strategy
Custom Impact Report Based on your goals & actions
1,000 Green Businesses Badge to use on your website & socials
Consultation & Review can be booked up to 3 months after purchase

You’ll benefit from this if…

You are a busy business owner that wants to make their business more green, ethical & sustainable

You are concerned about the environment but don’t know where to start

You want to attract the growing number of ‘green consumers’ & improve your brand image

You want to gain the knowledge & skills to be able to make sustainability decisions without external help

You need tools & templates to help structure & organise your sustainability efforts

These tools have been developed specifically for small & growing businesses and take in the most useful parts of my 4 Week Green Journey Programme, available for you to use at your own pace.

Backed by the NatWest Climate Accelerator


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