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1000 Green Businesses

Green Journey

The 4 week Action-Focused Sustainability Programme made specifically for small businesses, charities
& social enterprises

The Green Journey takes your business, and no matter your current environmental record, gives you customised advice, a practical action plan & your own Green Journey Dashboard to put you on the path to becoming a green, ethical & sustainable business

Green Journey Roadmap

By the end of your Green Journey you will have:

1. Taken action & made simple changes to make a positive difference in your business

2. A clear understanding of the key areas for improvement in your organisation

3. Specific & achievable sustainability goals with a clear path to achieving them

4. Tools & templates to help you make future sustainable decisions & budget for any initial investments

5. The techniques to effectively involve & communicate with your customers about your changes without the fear of greenwashing

6. The 1000 Green Businesses Badge to use on your website & marketing

7. Identified further sustainability certifications to apply for to demonstrate your green credentials

Most importantly you will feel confident in your actions, knowing you are having a positive impact and are on the path to becoming a green, ethical & sustainable business

Business Sense

Being good to the planet is good for business.
Organisations that implement and demonstrate sustainable & ethical practices benefit from:

New, loyal customers

Increased brand value

Reduced operating costs


I’ll create a personal impact report for your company depending on the actions we agree for you to take in the 1-to-1 session but even if you make just the first 5 simple technological changes then each employee saves on average 1,248Kg of CO2 emissions per year. That’s equivalent to 3,099 miles driven by an average passenger car or 159,274 smartphone charges. And that’s just the beginning.

The 1,000 Green Businesses Badge

Upon completing the Green Journey you will be awarded with the 1,000 Green Businesses Badge to use on your website, social media channels.

I’ll also recommend and provide guidance on further certifications & accreditations you can gain to demonstrate your green credentials, build your reputation and gain your customers trust.


Due to the Covid-19 crisis I understand that many small businesses are struggling & so am offering our services at a greatly discounted price and if you don’t feel we’ve made a positive difference by the end of the Green Journey I will give you your money back

Small Businesses

Was £800 now £380

  • 2.5 hours of 1-to-1 Consultancy Sessions
  • 4 Week Green Journey Dashboard
  • Practical Action Plan & Customised Impact Report
  • 1,000 Green Businesses Badge to use on your website & socials
  • Access to the 1,000 Green Businesses Community
  • Social media shout outs, case study & blog post
  • Guidance and assistance on achieving further accreditation

Charities &
Social Enterprises

Pay As You Feel &
Discounts Available

To make the Green Journey accessible to everyone, especially those who are already working for the good of the world and may have limited budgets, we offer a Pay As You Feel model for Charities and discounts for Social Enterprises. Book an exploration call to check you are eligible and to start your Green Journey.

By taking the Green Journey you protect over 5 acres of rainforest
& plant over 100 trees

20% of all profits go to the amazing charities
Rainforest Trust UK & Trees For The Future

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What our businesses say…

Tim was great to work with and the changes and goals we agreed to were simple, accessible & achievable.We found the ‘1000 Green Businesses’ consultation service very useful, the process enabled us to reflect on our current environmental practices and the support from Tim helped us identify areas that we could further improve on.

Tim was very dedicated to helping us set out a plan to become more green and I would highly recommend more businesses & social enterprises take part in this service and start their own Green Journeys!

Rachel Fell. Social Enterprise Mark CIC


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