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These are scary times, the UK & much of Europe is back in lockdown, racial injustice continues in our societies and the climate crisis looms larger than ever.

This is here to provide some hope & positivity.

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No, not a never ending lockdown but an opportunity…

to use this time to do something good for people & the planet

Last lockdown we saw baking, DIY, music and all sorts of talents which was fantastic and a wonderful expression of everyone’s individual creativity. This time, let’s use these talents to help someone in need, have an impact and spread some positivity.

It’s important not to deny that these are difficult times but for those of us who are able, this is a chance to provide an alternative to the negative stories we are bombarded with the rest of the time and provide some much needed hope…

Hope is a discipline, a practice.

Do not ask, Where do we find hope?

Instead, ask

How can we be hope?

All these challenges we face seem insurmountable when we are alone however appear much more achievable when people come together.

So think about about how, with your actions, your words and how you show up and live your life this month, how you can be hope for someone, somewhere.

To help you get started, each Monday I’m going to share 3 super simple actions you can take to make a positive difference. I want to note that this is not a productivity contest or challenge to see who can do the “most good”, we are still in a pandemic and a lockdown however even doing a few small positive acts can have a positive impact on our attitude and mood.

Action / What you need to do

1. Share one positive action you are going to do during lockdown to make a positive a difference and use #lockdownforgood

2. Look out for my 3 simple actions that I’ll share each week on my Facebook (live video on Mondays), Instagram & Twitter.

3. Go away and do those super simple actions

Lastly, share this movement with friends, family and your dog. Get involved, tag friends, comment & share to spread some positivity into people’s world.

“Go see how much good you can do in the world.”

Together, let’s make this a #lockdownforgood


1. Download TreeApp

Plant a tree everyday, for free in less than a minute

2. Change your search engine to Ecosia

The search engine that’s planted over 100 Million Trees

3. Clean up your inbox using Cleanfox

Clean your inbox and save CO2 emissions at the same time by unsubscribing from old newsletters


1. Download Olio

Share food, help your neighbours & fight climate change

2. Learn how to store food correctly

A-Z of how to make different foods last longer

3. Try a non-dairy milk alternative

Take time this week to look into the environmental impact of meat & dairy


1. Take the ThredUP Fashion Footprint Calculator

Understand the impact of your wardrobe and see what you can do to improve

2. Use Recycle Now and Organise & Label your Recycling Setup

Find out what you can recycle & where and then make it easy for you to make good choices

3. Use Switch It & Change your Bank & Energy Provider

Make sure your money is supporting green & ethical organisations that our helping the planet

Moving Forward

Well done everyone, we are nearly there! The lockdown ends on Wednesday, so it’s not necessarily an action for you this week, but something to think about and to take with you moving forward.

Take some time to think about our wonderful planet & all the wonderful people on it. What do you care about in this world? Who do you care about? What do you want to protect?

Whatever or whoever that is, that’s your why.

When we have a choice to make or an action to take, think about your why. What would they want you to do? What is going to be the best thing to help protect & preserve it? And let that guide your decisions.

A friend of mine put it very well…

It’s hundreds and thousands of little decisions and acts that have got us to this point in the world and for our environment.

So let’s start to take hundreds & thousands of little decisions
and acts to make it right again.

And that’s what I’m going to leave you with, find your why, let that guide your decision and start making choices to do what’s right for people and the planet and we’ll have much more than just a lockdown for good.

Thanks very much for joining me over the last few weeks, stay safe and
well done again on using this time to do something good & positive for the world.

Thank you.

Tim Brazier

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Sample Posts

Feel free to download the images below and post to your social media accounts. There’s also some sample posts below for your individual #lockdownforgood actions

I’m going to make this a #lockdownforgood by…

I’m taking part in the #lockdownforgood challenge. @bestfriend are you joining me?

Something good I am going to do for people or the planet this month is…. #lockdownforgood

I’ve completed this weeks 3 #lockdownforgood actions

Something good I am going to do during lockdown is…. #lockdownforgood

This week I did….  @bestestfriend what is your #lockdownforgood action?