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Startup & Small Business Services & Tools

I love startups, small businesses & charities and the impact they can have on the world. Having ran my own and worked with many startups I know the exciting opportunities they have to grow, be creative and most importantly make change in their industry.

I also am aware of the challenges startups, small businesses and charities face in trying to make these changes. I believe they should have access to the same tools, systems and processes that bigger companies use so they can focus on doing what they do best. My services offer you the opportunity to have custom built tools & systems that work for you and your organisation, without the corporate price tag.

Web Design

Your website is the face of your company, whatever industry you are in, make sure you are setting the right first impression so your customers understand what you do and why you do it, all with beautiful design and functionality.

Niseko Taproom

Design and build of a new website for a small craft beer bar & rotisserie in Niseko, Japan.

Working with a photographer to get new shots and video content of the bar, easy and clear access to menu and opening times plus addition of a blog for them to show their experience and authority on craft beer in the area.


  • Building new or updating existing websites
  • WordPress or any builder of your choice
  • Plugins and linking services including eCommerce
  • Domain and Hosting setup
  • Icon, banner and image creation and design

Get in touch for a free call so I can understand you and your company and what you want out of your website.

Data & Internal Apps/Tools

Having the right internal systems, tools and information allows you to focus on doing the work that matters in your business, social enterprise or charity. Let me help you think about, design and create the right tools for your business.

Lean Lunch

Working closely with their team, I created an easy to use system to link orders from their websites to food orders to their suppliers, a prep list for the kitchen and delivery details for their delivery cyclists. This automatically gives everyone the information they need so they can do their job efficiently and effectively.

Time Sheet App

Creation of an easy to use web and mobile app for employees to add, update and track their working hours. All linking into a automated Google Sheet for the employer with calculations of hours, pay and tax.

Used by Niseko Taproom and Lean Lunch. Get in touch if would like the Time Sheet App for your business or charity.


  • Work with your existing systems, data & tools
  • Creation of new internal apps, tools and systems for a given task or project
  • Full instructions and demonstration for the use & maintenance of your new system
  • Google Sheets, Excel, SharePoint, SQL & database systems
  • Link & automate different systems using macros, Zapier, IFTTT

Get in touch to talk about your company, systems and what tools we can develop to make you and your employees lives easier.

MVP & App Design

Building quick and easily adaptable tools is essential at the early stage of a startup or business journey. A Minimal Viable Product allows you to get your idea out and into the hands of people who will use it and give you valuable feedback as you develop your business.


Design of a mobile web app for Powderlife magazine to replace their old IOS App.

Working on both Apple & Android phones with easy back end management for their team moving forward.


  • Creation of a MVP or simple app for your business or charity
  • Link with your existing systems and tools
  • Customise with your brand colours and logo
  • Easy back end management and maintenance
  • Full instructions and demonstration

Get in touch to talk about where you are in your journey and how a MVP or app could help your business or charity.

Graphic Design

Tell your story and show what your business does with great graphics, logos and posters. See some of my work below and get in touch if you would like to talk about your design needs.