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Travel Carbon Calculator App

How we travel is one of the biggest factors in our annual carbon emissions and yet is one of the simplest habits to change.

If someone who travels just 5km to work each day took the bus instead of driving a medium petrol car. It would save over 214Kg of CO2 every year (that’s over 27,000 smartphone charges). Imagine if you walked or cycled.

There are 3 key steps to tackling your travel emissions:

1. Calculate

Discover your emissions from your travel, whether it be commuting, work travel or leisure.

2. Reduce

Compare your current mode of transport to other options and see the impact that switching makes.

3. Offset

Whatever remaining emissions you have for your travel can be offset easily and for less than you’d think.

Example. London to Edinburgh

Small Petrol Car (up to 1.4L)

  • Distance: 400 Miles
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Carbon Emissions:

98.94 Kg CO2

Long Distance Train

  • Distance: 385 Miles
  • Time: 5 hours
  • Carbon Emissions:

3.72 Kg CO2

Taking the train releases 26 times less CO2 into our atmosphere.

Plus it saves 2 hours of travel time and you can work, read or just relax whilst travelling

How it all works for you

Your company gets a custom app, which all employees can download.

Each employee uses the app to record their current commute distance and method. The app then calculates the CO2 emitted from that journey and how much it would cost to offset those emission.

You can use this information to consider alternate options (car share, public transport, cycling) and see the impact it would make to your emissions.

Continue to record your journeys (both commuting and travelling for work) and the app will calculate your companies total emissions and offset cost for the month, quarter or year. Then easily pay those offset costs at: hwww.carbonfootprint.com/



  • Custom app for your company, downloadable for all employees
  • Easy for employees to add their journeys through the app
  • Simple comparison of modes of transport for reducing emissions
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly totals of your emissions
  • Use the totals to offset any remaining travel emissions


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