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Travel Carbon Calculator App

How we travel is one of the biggest factors in our annual carbon emissions and yet is one of the simplest habits to change.

If someone who travels just 5km to work each day took the bus instead of driving a medium petrol car. It would save over 214Kg of CO2 every year (that’s over 27,000 smartphone charges). Imagine if you walked or cycled.

There are 3 key steps to tackling your travel emissions:

1. Calculate

Discover your emissions from your travel, whether it be commuting, work travel or leisure.

2. Reduce

Compare your current mode of transport to other options and see the impact that switching makes.

3. Offset

Whatever remaining emissions you have for your travel can be offset easily and for less than you’d think.

Example. London to Edinburgh

Small Petrol Car (up to 1.4L)

  • Distance: 400 Miles
  • Time: 7 hours
  • Carbon Emissions:

98.94 Kg CO2

Long Distance Train

  • Distance: 385 Miles
  • Time: 5 hours
  • Carbon Emissions:

3.72 Kg CO2

Taking the train releases 26 times less CO2 into our atmosphere.

Plus it saves 2 hours of travel time and you can work, read or just relax whilst travelling

How it all works for you

Your company gets a custom app, which all employees can download.

Each employee uses the app to record their current commute distance and method. The app then calculates the CO2 emitted from that journey and how much it would cost to offset those emission.

You can use this information to consider alternate options (car share, public transport, cycling) and see the impact it would make to your emissions.

Continue to record your journeys (both commuting and travelling for work) and the app will calculate your companies total emissions and offset cost for the month, quarter or year. Then easily pay those offset costs at: hwww.carbonfootprint.com/



  • Custom app for your company, downloadable for all employees
  • Easy for employees to add their journeys through the app
  • Simple comparison of modes of transport for reducing emissions
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly totals of your emissions
  • Use the totals to offset any remaining travel emissions


Investing in initiatives that take carbon dioxide back out of the atmosphere or prevent further emissions from being released. These initiatives include tree planting projects, protection of existing forest lands, renewable energy development and replacement of dangerous gas burners and cookers in rural communities with clean, efficient and safe alternatives.

Yes, if you feel like the Green Business Toolkit hasn’t provided you with any value, get in touch & I’ll give you a refund within the first 30 days. I’m passionate about creating products & services that genuinely help people to make positive changes in their businesses.

I’m confident in the value of this, but I want you to use it and be happy!  The only thing I ask is that you let me know how I can improve.


Depending which offsetting projects you invest in the price ranges from £6.00-13.00 per 1000Kg CO2 (prices correct as of June 2020).

Once you’ve purchased you’ll immediately receive the Green Business Toolkit and all the content, files & tools included in it, which are accessible to you for life.

You then have up to 3 months to book a consultation session, for which I will send a link to arrange a time & date.

It is recommended that you complete all the actions & worksheets in the toolkit before booking the session so I can assess your work, goals & solutions and provide feedback, advice & recommendations. Alternatively you may wish to take your consultation at the start so I can talk you through the toolkit & provide some initial input & advice into your actions & goals.

Following our consultation I will produce a custom Impact Report for your business based on the actions & goals you have taken & set. I will also award your company with the 1000 Green Businesses Badge to use on your website & social accounts for 1 year.

Once you’ve purchased you’ll receive a custom link to a page where you can see, access & download all the content, files & tools contained in the toolkit.

You are welcome to share the toolkit with other members of your team or company however I do ask for you not to share with other people outside of your organisation or to resell the work & content as your own as a product or in blog/articles.

If you’re still not sure or have questions about the Green Business Toolkit or about 1,000 Green Businesses in general then please get in touch through whichever channel is most suited to you on my contact page.

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