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1000 Green Businesses

Who am I?

I’m Tim Brazier, I’m originally from the UK but I’ve lived in France, Austria, Japan & now Canada mainly in the mountains where I enjoy hiking, snowboarding & cycling. I’ve cared about the environment and the challenges of climate change for a long time and studied Environmental Science & Energy Engineering at the University of Leeds. I believe we all have a responsibility for climate change, that’s governments, people and businesses. That’s why I am on a mission to help 1,000 businesses, charities & social enterprises begin on their journey to becoming green, ethical and sustainable.

I’ve worked in small businesses, digital agencies, events, tourism & hospitality and even ran my own startup, so I understand how environmental issues get pushed to the bottom of the to do list. However I’ve seen the benefits of taking the time to implement some green practices and improvements, both externally in terms of customer engagement but also internally with employee satisfaction.

I use my experiences in different sectors to understand the barriers & challenges that small businesses and charities face to making positive environmental changes and what solutions or assistance would help them overcome these barriers and make the changes that are necessary for our planet.

I’m committed to practising what I preach in the way I run my business and live my life. With this in mind, as well as taking personal actions & changes, I have chosen to support two fantastic charities to help protect & restore the wonderful nature we have on this planet whilst storing carbon to help fight climate change.

10% of all profits go to Rainforest Trust UK who have protected over 24 million acres of rainforest across the globe.

And another 10% go to Trees for the Future who’s Forest Garden Approach restores soil, increases income and changes the lives of farming families.

Businesses, charities and social enterprises have the opportunity to make huge positive changes by bringing their employees and customers along with them. It’s these knock on effects and waves of change and impact that really excite me and drive me forward on this journey. 1,000 Businesses might not be that big of a number but if each of those helps their customers, suppliers, friends and neighbours to do even a few things better then we’ll start to accumulate some real impact and change.

Let’s take responsibility for climate change together, don’t feel alone in this challenge.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you too can become a green business.

Tim Brazier